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  • We will provide the
    magnificient Rotary Die Cutting services

  • We use the Latest and
    Emerging Laser Pattern Technique.

    The effectiveness and versatility of LASER Technology has allowed us to significantly renew diverse production fields.

    We reached out to one of the longstanding experts in the field: The rotary die specialists at SAI ROTARY DIE


We are introducing new Rotary Die Shop in India with Laser pattern. We are emerging as the best Die makers with Latest Technology. We are leading in manufacture of Rotary Die with European Rules And Wooden Shell. Our Featured Products are as below :

  • Rotary Dies
  • Laser Pattern
  • Rotary Shells
  • Rotary Rules
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You will find yourself working in a true partnership that results in an incredible experience, and an end product that is the best.

What is actually ``Rotary Die`` ?

Rotary die cutting is the process of cutting or perforating a desired shape out of flexible material using a rotary press. Generally, rotary die cutting is good for: 1. High volume projects of consistent cut 2. Smaller sized products 3. Cutting products from a web (continuous roll) 4. Producing less waste than other, comparable methods and much more.

Does Sai Rotary Dies have ability to meet MY needs ?

Sai Rotary Dies CAN meet and exceed your individual needs. There is no doubt that we can and will meet all of your needs.

Can my material be cut more efficiently with a Rotary cutter?

Yes ! We are Cutting products from a web (continuous roll) with Low-tolerance and precision cutting.

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